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Royal Canin® GLUCODETECT by Blücare Cat Urine Glucose Monitoring Tool

Royal Canin®
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Royal Canin® GLUCODETECT by Blücare Cat Urine Glucose Monitoring Tool
Product Information

Is your cat displaying unusual behaviors such as eating and drinking more than usual, or weakness in their hind legs? Early signs of diabetes mellitus, including glucose in your cat's urine, might be difficult to detect in your cat, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. If you notice similar signs in your pet, this could be a sign of high glucose levels. If you have any concerns about your pet’s health, please consult your veterinarian.

Royal Canin GLUCODETECT Technology by Blücare is an at-home tool specifically made to screen and detect glucose in your cat’s urine. Using Glucodetect in your cat's home environment is a low-stress, urine collection method to screen for urine glucose. It assists pet owners with cats at risk of diabetes mellitus by making urine glucose screening easier, and helping them know when to contact their veterinarian. This reliable at-home monitoring tool also helps monitor the level of urine glucose in cats already diagnosed with diabetes or in remission and can help detect short-term hyperglycemia or screen for high glucose levels.

Unlike screening and monitoring with other testing methods, the GLUCODETECT litter box granules are easy to incorporate into your cat’s regular routine—just add them to your cat’s litter box[1]. The white granules provide fast color-changing results from white to blue or green in just 10 minutes and remain stable for up to 12 hours after urination. Plus, this low-stress, urine collection method allows for reliable screening and monitoring in your cat’s home environment, helping to reduce the risk of a false positive result. Record granule color over 3 consecutive days, then consult with your veterinarian to review the results. 

GLUCODETECT is best used with clay-based litter rather than plant-based litter: Plant-based, or wood based, may contain glucose, which can cross-react and create a false positive result. In order to avoid a false positive result, do not use GLUCODETECT with any additional products or litter additives.

Royal Canin has been dedicated to improving your pet's health for over 50 years. Get the reassurance you need and help your pet have a better quality of life. By screening and monitoring your cat's urinary glucose levels from the comfort of your own home, you can help make it easier for your veterinarian to manage your cat's health. Accuracy of results may vary. 

Please review the instructional insert within the packaging for complete details. 

[1] Reference the instructional insert within the packaging for information on types of litter to use for best results.


AT-HOME CAT URINE TEST KIT: GLUCODETECT helps detect glucose in your cat’s urine with litter box granules developed to screen and detect glucosuria in cats.

SCREEN AND MONITOR CAT URINE: At-home screening for cats at risk of diabetes mellitus, overweight cats, and cats on corticosteroids. Also helps detect hyperglycemia and monitor glucose levels in diabetic cats under treatment or in remission.

EASY TO USE: Cat urine test works fast in 5 easy steps while providing a low-stress method to screen and monitor your cat’s urine glucose levels without disrupting their natural environment, lowering the risk of a false positive.

RESULTS IN JUST 10 MINUTES: Color change is visible after 10 minutes and remains stable for up to 12 hours after urination. Recording the granule color over a 3-day period can help your veterinarian manage your pet's condition.

EARLY DETECTION: Screening and monitoring your cat’s urine regularly for early detection of glucosuria with GLUCODETECT can be vital for managing your cat’s overall health.