UltiCare VetRx U-100 Insulin Syringes Whole Unit Markings

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U-100 Insulin Syringes Whole Unit Markings, 100-count Box
Product Information
UltiCare VetRx Insulin Syringes are used for the injection of U-100 insulin in pets with diabetes. 
Dogs and Cats
  • UltiCare VetRx premium quality syringes are precision engineered with advanced technology to provide pets with a more comfortable injection:
  • Human-grade syringes
  • Triple-beveled needle, electromagnetic polished to a smooth finish
  • Silicone coated for comfort
  • Bold barrel markings and large barrel flanges for accurate dosing and easy grip
Insulin should be administered as directed by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will determine the correct dose of insulin need for your pet. To draw the insulin into the syringe, inject the insulin bottle with the syringe and pull back on the syringe plunger until the proper dose is inside the syringe barrel.
Syringe/Needle Sizes
  • U-100 Insulin Syringe 29 G x 1/2" 1/2 cc (ml) allows up to 50 units of insulin per injection. Whole unit markings on syringe.
  • U-100 Insulin Syringe 29 G x 1/2" 3/10 cc (ml) allows up to 30 units of insulin per injection. Whole unit markings on syringe.
Do not sterilize or re-use the needles. Keep out of reach of children. For animal use only.
Your veterinarian will prescribe either U-100 or U-40 insulin for your pet. It is critical that you use the corresponding insulin syringe for proper dosing. While U-40 is often prescribed for cats and dogs, it’s important to know there are two types of syringes used for insulin injections: the  U-100 syringe has an orange cap and is larger in size versus the U-40 syringe, which has a red cap and tends to be smaller in size.
Store in a cool, dry place.  
Sourced directly from the manufacturer or their approved distributor. Guaranteed genuine product backed by the manufacturer.
$27.92 - $28.34